Now Anyone can purchase a Shabby Shore Sign !

It took us a while but we have finally made it. For years we just designed and sold locally here at the Jersey Shore but we have now grown to service everyone ! 

Our Process From Design to Print to Distressing

With the use of our Commercial Flatbed Printer we are able to faster produce signs like never before. Direct print to wood is our specialty and we are able to create our own designs, print and distress in less time than when we used to paint. It has brought us the capabilities to do more beautiful custom work for our clients. 

Love of Baseball

We are huge Baseball fans too! Our Baseball designs is how this all started. With a love of antiques, the rich history of Baseball and Baseball collecting it brought me the idea that I can't afford the real thing I then have to make it! And the response has been overwhelming. Thanks to some online groups and fellow collectors our Baseball signs have been a real hit! They are fun to make, awesome to look at and from a distance of well, up close they even look real !! 

Jersey Shore

Living at the Jersey Shore there has been no better place to produce Nautical and Beachy signs than here! What a place to live and meet great people. Of course all of our signs can be customized so if you don't know where Beach Haven is on Long Beach Island you will not want that sign...So if you love Miami or have a Lakehouse in Montana or a Farm in Iowa.....we do that too!! 

Local Fairs and Festivals

We just stared reserving space at some local fairs. We are excited to get out there and meet our customers face to face! This was our first year (2019) and we have had nothing but glowing reviews. It makes us proud that we are doing the right thing. With my mom on one side and my dad on the other (with many stories to tell) it's been terrific !  Come see us in 2020!

Custom Orders

Our regular sign business called Buzz Design and Print is a commercial printing and design company. We have been in business over 12 years. What all I do is customize, from logos to full size store signs to brochures and more. So why not with this ! Contact us through email and let's go over your very own special sign. There will be a page on this site of all the custom distressed wood signs we have done. 

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