Custom Commissioned Work

Most everything we create, from simple small signs to large scale signs have been commissioned at one point. Some signs we make are re-creations of old signs others are made up ideas by us and others come from our awesome customers. 

Custom is an extension of our business. On our site you can customize many signs (not all)  we already have in stock. If a minor change is made such as a name or color for example there is no extra costs. Pricing for "One of a kind" Custom signs vary from size and complexity. Also depending on the time of year custom signs could be quick or take a bit longer. 

Feel free to contact us about your custom sign. At the bottom there are some thoughts to consider when looking for a custom sign.

Custom Work by Shabby Shore Signs

Vintage Style Smoke Shop Sign


Medlin Smoke Shop

This sign was a commission job for a great customer who collects tobacco cards from the late 1800's to early 1900's. It's a great custom addition to his collection. 

Black and White Family Name Sign


We have made numerous Family name signs, All different sizes and font styles.

Father & Sons Shoes


A customer of ours father worked many years at Father & Sons shoes. He found an old advertisement in good clear condition and we were able to re-create this advertisement and bring back fond memories for him and his family.

Clabber Girl Baking Powder


One of our great customers who uses our signs as decoration all around her farm house wanted us to re-create this Clabber Girl Baking Powder sign to add to her farm style décor.

Display real testimonials


One of our customers was an agent for Indian Motocycle. (Yes the spelling is correct) This sign was huge and double sided. So much fun to make.

Group of Photos


Here we have a group of beautiful vintage photos one of our customers wanted us to print and distress. 

Barber Shop Sign


This vintage style Barbershop sign with cut out finger is double sided. The Barbershop sign is made as a box with the hanging cut out finger and our customer hangs this awesome sign in his Barbershop

Steinway Organ piece Sign


This one was fantastic ! Over 6 feet tall. The wood was actually from an old Church organ. It has louvers and opens and closes. This was a commission piece that was incredibly fun to make.

Some things to consider

** If you have your own artwork, photos etc. please email us the file and we can decide if the photos are high enough resolution.

** If you are scanning, please scan at 300dpi 

** If you are using "Google" images, please use photos that are "Large"

** If you have your ideas or any questions at all and would like to contact us feel free to anytime.