Some things to know

-All of our signs listed are DIRECT PRINT to 3/4" Pine Plywood

-We cut the sign to size and we use our 10 step distressing process

-If you would like a lighter or more distressed look, please let us know. Otherwise we just do our thing!

-Our frames are nailed on and also stained with our choice unless you  in your order to a specific color. 

-Our frames are made from pine strips and affixed "Farm Style" We like to call it 

-Most of our signs can be customized. Some cannot.

-These signs are heavy duty. We supply the hooks but don't affix them as you may want different ones.

-We wouldn't use wire to hang these signs but you could for the smaller ones.

-Our photos are not the best and we need to fix this. These signs are eye popping in person. Well we think they are.

-When we are at fairs my dad likes to tell the story of Tillie....You know, that clown guy from Asbury Park...If your in a rush act like you just got an important business call.

-Well that's all I can think of now. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. The form is on the Home Page. My name is Vinny and I'd be happy get something going for you.